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Woof woof arf. Grrr ruff ruff arf woof. Woof woof arf grrr? Arf arf arf woof grr. Arf roof woof arf arf: "Arf grrr woof woof!" Grrrr, arf arf woof; arf arf woof ruff ruff grrrr. Grrr--arf arf woof ruff. Woof...ruff grrr? Arf arf arf: "Arf woof grr ruff ruff, ruff arf grr?" Ruff ruff arf.


Grrr, ruff ruff, arf woof, "Hey, puppy! Do you want to go for a walk?"

Grrr ruff arf arf woof, "Arf!" Arf woof grrr ruff ruff: Arf grrr roof roof woof!

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...that every dog has her day?

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Arf! ARF! ARF!
Woof Woof (K9) - Woof woof woof arf ruff! ruff! pantpant pant woof. Woof woof bark howl!

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